From Cheticamp Cape-Breton Nova Scotia, Ronald Bourgeois is considered one of the key influential French speaking singer/songwriters in Atlantic Canada.

With several industry awards and nominations to his credit, Ronald’s songs have been recorded and performed by many Acadian artists as well as artists from across Canada, Louisiana and France.  

During his 35-year career, Ronald has written or co-written over 300 songs of which a third have been published. Over the years artists such as Daniel Lavoie, Florent Vollant, Lina Boudreau, Roddie Romero, Dani Daraîche and Amélie Hall amongst others have recorded his songs. Ronald has also collaborated with multi-award winning Prince Edward Island singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant co-writing “Laisse aller” and “Briser les murs”.

In 1994 Ronald released “Amène le vent” and in 2001 “Le long retour”. Both recordings highlight Ron’s musical roots featuring blues, country and folk influences. Since 2001 his passion for music and Francophone music in particular has transcended his performing career and has expanded to creating nationally televised music variety productions promoting francophone and Acadian artists. Although busy with various television projects Ronald has maintained his music career performing select dates annually.

In 2008, Québec’s À l’Infini communication produced the tribute album “J’ai trouvé dans une chanson - Hommage à Ronald Bourgeois” to honour the singer-songwriter. The project features 19 Canadian and American artists performing Ronald Bourgeois songs. That same year, one of his songs, “Viens avec moi”, was featured on the Roddie Romero and the Hub City All Star’s Grammy nominated Louisiana Sessions recording.

 In 2009 the recording received the Francophone Recording of the Year Award from both Music Nova Scotia and the East Coast Music Awards. Also in 2009 the documentary J’ai trouvé dans une chanson, celebrating the artist’s songwriting and performing career was released nationally on TFO.

In the Fall of 2011 Ronald was artist in residence for the internationally acclaimed Celtic Colours festival. During whih, Ronald was invited to record Amène le vent with Cape-Breton’s Barra McNeils. The song is featured on The Celtic Colours Sessions recording.

In 2012 and 2013, along with several Canadian dates, Ronald was invited to perform as part of the “Rencontres France-Acadie in Nantes.

In February 2014 – Ontario based – Internationally known Francophone Hip Hop Group “ SWING” released their new recording “Le temps s’arrête” featuring the Ronald Bourgeois penned “Louisiane”. In 2014 as well, Québec and Acadian recording artist Amélie Hall releases her sophomore recording featuring the Ronald Bourgeois’ song “C’est juste l’amour”. The song received major airplay and was at the top of the francophone country charts for several weeks. In the Fall of 2014 Ronald released “Viens avec moi”. The release was followed by an award-winning showcase at Francofête in Acadie garnering Ron the RADART Award "En plein dans le mille" and an Atlantic-wide tour.

 In 2015 a second documentary on the artists career was produced by Radio Canada. The documentary titled “Viens avec moi” highlighted Ron’s career, his influences, and explored the back story of the songs featured on the ‘Viens avec moi” sessions. The documentary was broadcast in the Fall of 2015.

2016 was a busy year for Ron featuring an Atlantic-wide concert tour, performances and television appearances in Manitoba during Festival du Voyageur, as well as stops in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. The summer of 2016 was also the 50th anniversary of the Cheticamp group “Les fantômes”. This very special reunion brought together past members of the group and several thousands of fans for a community celebration and some very memorable performances.  


2017 - Grand-Pré Award (Arts Nova Scotia)

2016 - SPACQ Foundation Award (Quebec Songwriters and Composers Society Foundation)

2014 - RADARTS award "En plein dans le mille"

2009 - ECMA

Francophone recording of the year

2009 - Music Nova Scotia

Francophone recording of the year


Amène le vent
Amène le vent
Tribute album to Ronald